What To Include In Your Wedding Welcome Bag

So next time if you are thinking of wrapping up the gift, thing again. Go for the gift bag instead. Welcome bags are the current wedding must-haves that you should include in your list. They are exciting and will greet your guests with a nice touch. This nice gesture can go a long way and your guests will simply love it. So, what should you include in this bag? Here are some great ideas.

The bag

First things first, deciding the bag which you will be including the items. Now, this is what will decide the first impression. So, it must be something good and must match the style of your wedding. Opting for paper bags or custom boxes is one great way to go. They are eco friendly and you can personalize it the way you want. Totes made out of clothe is another beautiful way to go. You can get it painted or printed and have your own symbol or initials marked to make it unique.

The paperwork

Now the treat might be something that excites the guest before the wedding but don’t forget the paperwork. You need to include a card with the mandatory details like the location, time, dress code, the schedule and everything else. Don’t just simply type it and print it out. Add a nice touch by selecting a beautiful font, a beautiful design and so. This will definitely make your wedding stand out.


Everyone loves to feats their sweet tooth. So why not include something in your printed paper bags Australia to satisfy their taste buds. You can opt for items like mini chocolate bars or gummy bears. They will definitely love. And since it is your wedding, they will find it to be sweet.


There are some who prefer salty snacks instead of sweet ones. So why not feast both by having a little bit of everything. You can include small potato chip bags or some nots or so. They will love the gesture and will see how thoughtful you are.


Adding something handmade will bring a nice personal touch to the whole things. There are so many handmade items that you can find. You can get some handmade candles or soaps or even a handkerchief. But don’t forget to add your symbol or initials to personalize it and make it unique. It will be like a small souvenir.


Including mini alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is another way to go. It is like a grand gesture to your wedding. It brings out the celebratory effect and will make the whole even stand out.

These are just a few items that you can include in your wedding welcome bag.