Things To Do To Fill Out Empty Corners

When decorating and rearranging the house, most of us would feel that we don’t have much space to put all of our deco, but at the end, after long hours of planning and moving things around, we would somehow manage to put everything together, only to find that there are few awkward corners around the house that are plain and empty. These spaces don’t fit in with the rest of the décor of the house. Almost all of us have been in this situation. However, there are ways you can make use of this space.

1. Use mirrors

A mirror can fit in almost anywhere except tiny closed up spaces. If the mirror is placed correctly, it can make the house appear larger and reflect the adornments in the opposite corner. Mirrors are also nice to look at in their own way depending on the design. This is pretty much the cheapest way you can make use of the empty space.

2. Antique objects

This stuff goes along with almost any design, placing valuable items such as an antique tripod can definitely bring the attention of visitors to this corner, in a good way. You don’t have to buy any antiques either, you can even use something that was in your family for a long time, like an old vase. This can be very meaningful for you and bring you good memories every time you look at it.

3. Art

Corners are a good place to hang a couple of arts done by popular figures like poolside with slim Aarons or drawings of Pablo Picasso.  

You can turn the space into an art corner by placing several pictures so that your visitors can have something to look at, this will completely brighten up your room and the emptiness will not even be noticed. There are several ways to hang art, just look up online to see which would be most suited for your place.

4. Add plants

Plants serve several purposes and one of them is filling out empty spaces. They can add an aesthetic value to your house and can help keep your house clean.

5. Shelving

Adding shelves is a productive way of making use of corners, you can place your books, display your toy collections, place your family pictures, etc. It’s not really a must to fill these spaces out, you can even leave it empty.The above ways will be sufficient enough to fill out the empty spaces thus improving the overall look of your house.