Things To Do To Fill Out Empty Corners

When decorating and rearranging the house, most of us would feel that we don’t have much space to put all of our deco, but at the end, after long hours of planning and moving things around, we would somehow manage to put everything together, only to find that there are few awkward corners around the house that are plain and empty. These spaces don’t fit in with the rest of the décor of the house. Almost all of us have been in this situation. However, there are ways you can make use of this space.

1. Use mirrors

A mirror can fit in almost anywhere except tiny closed up spaces. If the mirror is placed correctly, it can make the house appear larger and reflect the adornments in the opposite corner. Mirrors are also nice to look at in their own way depending on the design. This is pretty much the cheapest way you can make use of the empty space.

2. Antique objects

This stuff goes along with almost any design, placing valuable items such as an antique tripod can definitely bring the attention of visitors to this corner, in a good way. You don’t have to buy any antiques either, you can even use something that was in your family for a long time, like an old vase. This can be very meaningful for you and bring you good memories every time you look at it.

3. Art

Corners are a good place to hang a couple of arts done by popular figures like poolside with slim Aarons or drawings of Pablo Picasso.  

You can turn the space into an art corner by placing several pictures so that your visitors can have something to look at, this will completely brighten up your room and the emptiness will not even be noticed. There are several ways to hang art, just look up online to see which would be most suited for your place.

4. Add plants

Plants serve several purposes and one of them is filling out empty spaces. They can add an aesthetic value to your house and can help keep your house clean.

5. Shelving

Adding shelves is a productive way of making use of corners, you can place your books, display your toy collections, place your family pictures, etc. It’s not really a must to fill these spaces out, you can even leave it empty.The above ways will be sufficient enough to fill out the empty spaces thus improving the overall look of your house.

What To Include In Your Wedding Welcome Bag

So next time if you are thinking of wrapping up the gift, thing again. Go for the gift bag instead. Welcome bags are the current wedding must-haves that you should include in your list. They are exciting and will greet your guests with a nice touch. This nice gesture can go a long way and your guests will simply love it. So, what should you include in this bag? Here are some great ideas.

The bag

First things first, deciding the bag which you will be including the items. Now, this is what will decide the first impression. So, it must be something good and must match the style of your wedding. Opting for paper bags or custom boxes is one great way to go. They are eco friendly and you can personalize it the way you want. Totes made out of clothe is another beautiful way to go. You can get it painted or printed and have your own symbol or initials marked to make it unique.

The paperwork

Now the treat might be something that excites the guest before the wedding but don’t forget the paperwork. You need to include a card with the mandatory details like the location, time, dress code, the schedule and everything else. Don’t just simply type it and print it out. Add a nice touch by selecting a beautiful font, a beautiful design and so. This will definitely make your wedding stand out.


Everyone loves to feats their sweet tooth. So why not include something in your printed paper bags Australia to satisfy their taste buds. You can opt for items like mini chocolate bars or gummy bears. They will definitely love. And since it is your wedding, they will find it to be sweet.


There are some who prefer salty snacks instead of sweet ones. So why not feast both by having a little bit of everything. You can include small potato chip bags or some nots or so. They will love the gesture and will see how thoughtful you are.


Adding something handmade will bring a nice personal touch to the whole things. There are so many handmade items that you can find. You can get some handmade candles or soaps or even a handkerchief. But don’t forget to add your symbol or initials to personalize it and make it unique. It will be like a small souvenir.


Including mini alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is another way to go. It is like a grand gesture to your wedding. It brings out the celebratory effect and will make the whole even stand out.

These are just a few items that you can include in your wedding welcome bag.

Start Your Journey On Quilting

Any art has its own techniques and methods. Mastering these takes time and patience on your side. Dedication is a must. Your skills in these methods can produce results which will be very useful depending on what you have made out of it. Sewing in an age old technique of using threads to create designs from fabric. There are a lot of variations in this field. Quilting is one such variation.Quilting may not seem very easy to handle at the beginning. But once you get the hang of it you will be well on your way in sewing amazing quilts of varying degrees. In order to assist you in this there are wool applique quilt kits available in stores. These kits include all of what you need to successfully stich your own products. They can be used at beginner level, intermediate level and experienced level. You can choose your kit based on the skills you currently possess.On the long run this maybe a time saver as well as a less costly options. Go here  for more information about wool applique quilt kits.

Quilts are often sold at higher prices in the market. So if you know to make your own one, you will not only benefit from using it but you can even start your own home business out of your knowledge and skills. These packages also have books and tutorials with unique patterns and designs of varying degrees and tutorials on guiding you in how to create successful end products. You can also log on to the websites given in these packages and check them out. These web pages might have video tutorials showing you different techniques and their outcomes. A quilting kit usually includes sewing thimbles, applique fabrics, sewing needles and fabric markers.

You may find quilting patterns for beginners via popular store sites. These can be very helpful for those of you who are just starting to learn this form of stitching. These provide you essential guidelines and additional tips for very affordable prices. The necessary tools are all included in one pack. So you do not need to search for them separately. All what you need is shown to you through the same package.So remember these points when you want to go and buy your own quilting kit. It should not be tough to find the perfect match for you if you know what and how to look for it. Many stores have their own web pages these days. So you can log in to these sites and check out the availability of products and compare the prices.